Cate West Zahl first studied art under Lee Newman at the Holton-Arms school, and then went on to earn her BA in Fine Arts from Hamilton College.

Her academic training was based in the standards of a perceptual fine arts tradition grounded in the technical study of life. These formative years spent working from live models, painting landscapes "en plein air", and learning the elements of formal composition via still lives provided a strong foundation from which she could explore more explicit abstraction.








Executed with painterly technique, an architectonic drawing forms the core structure, often times based in harsh angles found in the natural or artificial world. The composition then becomes a layering of colored regions cut by lines and angles, ultimately leading to a process of making choices of what to put in, and what to erase so that only the necessary components are left on the surface. Traces of these marks are intentionally left to display the result of a long struggle for balance and cohesion.

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